Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sydney White: What a horrible title

Sydney White, the latest bland Amanda Bynes movie, hit theaters this weekend, and to no surprise, it only made $1.75 million on Friday (which equates to about $5 million for the weekend, most likely).

So how could this movie have doubled its gross? Easy: it could have stuck with a title that exuded that it was a take-off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Yes, the movie is a modern adaptation (albeit a loose one) of the classic tale, but you would never guess that from the title. An appropriate title would have at least pulled in a few million more people who were curious to see if Bynes, who seems to consistently underachieve, could actually pull this off.

Of course, I just watched the movie trailer for the first time, and the movie looks God-awful. Bynes looks like she has bathed in orange fake-and-bake, and the plot hardly looks like it pays homage to Snow White. But if the title is as bland as Sydney White, a name that in no way exudes Snow White, no one is even going to give it a chance.


Anonymous said...

you are the worst commentator for moves Sideys White rocks you should diss off some other movie wierdo

Anonymous said...

1.75 million you'll never see in your life time..
when you can top the work that amanda bynes has done, thats when its justice for you to leave a snotty comment like that. Maybe you could learn something from the movie. Being a priss gets you nowhere !
get a life

Erik Samdahl said...

Thanks Anonymous! Appreciate the constructive feedback. What could I learn from the movie, exactly?