Monday, September 24, 2007

Movie trailer review: Control (2007)

The movie trailer for Control is now online... What can I say?

It looks good enough, like an independent version of Ray or something along those lines. We've seen these "musicians becoming victims of their own success" tales a hundred times, but continue to go see them. Control, of course, won't get the release, promotion or respect that other films have garnered in recent years (again, Ray and Walk the Line), but it has a chance of being good.

Samantha Morton is the most recognizable cast member in the film, but it looks like she will play a relatively small (but perhaps pivotal) part in the film. Sam Riley stars as Ian Curtis (of Joy Division - sorry for my lack of music knowledge, but who? What?), but not much of his acting is shown on screen. Is that a worrisome sign? Probably not, but you never know.

Overall, Control looks decent enough, but there's nothing here to set it apart from even its mainstream "competitors". This is probably the last I'll ever talk about the film.

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