Monday, September 3, 2007

Red band trailer review: 30 Days of Night

Wow, has anyone watched the previews for the upcoming movie 30 Days of Night? The red band trailer for the vampire movie is online over at the official site,, and all I can say is this movie looks pretty damn freaky.

Josh Hartnett and Melissa George star in the movie about a sheriff and some other people who live in a northern town where night spans for thirty days. Unfortunately for them, there happens to be vampires in the area, and those vampires have decided to feast.

The movie looks bloody, gory and exciting, and provides a slightly new slant to vampire mythology. Who knows - maybe 30 Days of Night will end up just like any other slasher/monster flick - but the marketing team has definitely assembled a very violent and intense trailer which will have me heading to theaters when this film arrives on October 19th.

For more information, visit my 30 Days of Night preview page.

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