Tuesday, September 4, 2007

James Bond looking more like Jason Bourne

Ever since The Bourne Identity hit theaters and most certainly since The Bourne Supremacy wowed audiences, James Bond has been taking a beating for offering up out-of-date and bland action sequences. Of course, Casino Royale made up for a lot of that with a grittier, more violent approach, but the Bond franchise has taken another step toward showing it means business by hiring Dan Bradley, who was the action designer for the last two Bourne flicks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Bradley plotted out and directed the acclaimed fight sequences and car chases as the stunt coordinator and second unit director of the two Paul Greengrass-helmed Bourne sequels and will service the working-titled Bond 22 in much the same capacity. The producers want him to continue and build on the more realistic and gritty approach to the veteran British spy begun in last year's Casino Royale."
Bond 22
will most likely begin shooting this winter.