Saturday, June 16, 2007

I am going to sue Dodge for Fantastic Four product placement

If you've seen Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, you know what I'm taking about. Amidst the movie's blatant product placement through and through, Dodge paid to get their logo prominently displayed way too many times over the course of a minute when Mr. Fantastic's flying car shows up to save the day.

Never mind the fact that this amazing Dodge vehicle - built personally by Mr. Fantastic which makes the Dodge imprint all the more curious - arrived from New York to Siberia in a matter of minutes... the real pathetic part is that director Tim Story focuses in on the imprint several times. The shot is completely pointless except to show the word "Dodge".

Shame on Dodge for (forcing?) this pathetic product placement. I hope it damages their sales. Of course, in reality, they are just hoping for coverage, and I'm giving it to them right now. Either way, this was the worst product placement I've ever seen.

If you want to hear more rants about Fantastic Four: Rise of the the Silver Surfer, read my movie review.


Elotzontli said...


I totally agree with you and in fact i m going to put a link on my blog of your entry...
It s a shame that we are now paying to see some adds on the movie!

Elotzontli said...

I also forgot to tell you that i linked my critics of the movie that i made on my blog to this scene of Futurama: