Monday, June 18, 2007

The Batpod - It ain't no Batmobile

The Los Angeles Times squeaked out a few pictures of the Batpod, the new motorcycle Batman uses in the upcoming film The Dark Knight (2008). While the recent pictures that have suffered have been awe-inspiring (a single picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker had me wetting my pants), this Batpod device just looks a bit silly. Overly complicated for no particular reason, it doesn't quite have the same cool look as the Batmobile a year or two earlier.

It doesn't look horrible, but I'll have to see it in action before I can be convinced that the Batpod is a quality addition to the movie. I suggest Nolan keep the gadgets to a minimum and focus on the story. I still have huge confidence in The Dark Knight, but the Batpod isn't going to be the highlight.

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Garth O'Brien said...

Is wetting your pants a good thing or bad thing? Does Heath look like a tool a la Jim Carey and Arnold from the 90's franchise?

That motorcycle looks like a better option than a Bat-Segway.