Saturday, June 9, 2007

Does Paris Hilton deserve her jail sentence?

Most people, including I, were happy to see Paris Hilton take the fall for neglecting the fact that she couldn't drive a car due to her probation. I mean, how stupid can you get? And regardless of her celebrity status, she needs to pay the price.

And I, like most people, was infuriated when the Sheriff's department released her to home arrest a few days after she reported to jail. If there's a better example of celebrities clearly getting special treatment, let me know. I am well aware that there are more important issues in the world than Hilton going to jail for a month and a half, but let's face it: we love to see celebrities fall in grand fashion, especially spoiled brats. And whether it's important or not, it's what the news stations are reporting on...

Now that she's back in jail, the question is asked: Does Paris deserve a 45-day sentence for violating her probation, and would a non-celebrity, allowed to return home to serve out the rest of his or her service, get called back into court?

How many non-celebrities would get sentenced to 45 days in jail for the crime she committed? Not many, I can't imagine. At the same time, celebrities need to be told that they will be treated as harshly as other people, and with bigger lives and personalities, perhaps they need bigger sentences. It's a cache 22, as Hilton's sentence has probably scared a few celebrities who walk a fine line of reckless behavior - which is a good thing - but has also indicated that while celebrities often get special treatment, when they don't, they get negative special treatment and are offered up as sacrificial lambs to make a point.

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