Friday, June 29, 2007

An American version of A Tale of Two Sisters... no!!!!

I loved A Tale of Two Sisters. It was an extremely creepy, scary and well-done horror-thriller-drama from Korea. It seems innocent enough at first, but slowly gets darker and darker until and stranger and stranger until you really have to start paying attention. It's on a whole different level than The Grudge, and is a lot better than The Ring/Ringu.

And now America is redoing it, and you know that it is going to suck. Pulse, the American version, sucked. The Grudge sucked (Ji-On was at least okay). The Ring Two was one of the worst disasters ever. Only The Ring was quite effective, but that was the first of this new genre of Asian horror-remakes. Why, oh, why, do you have to remake one of my favorites?

That being said, Arielle Kebbel and Emily Browning were just cast in the starring roles. I can't say much about their acting ability, and I don't even know who Browning is, but the attached pic is of Kebbel (John Tucker Must Die). Nice? Yes, I thought so. The two girls join Elizabeth Banks and David Strathairn, who is one of my favorite actors. He's one of those underrated guys who would almost never show up in a horror flick, so maybe that's a good sign.

Or maybe this is going to be the disaster I'm expecting it to be...

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