Sunday, February 25, 2007

What happened to Pan's Labyrinth???

Pan's Labyrinth was sweeping up the small awards left and right, which meant one of two things: it would sweep for the big prize, or get discounted as a result.
Sadly, Pan's Labyrinth failed to make the grade for Best Foreign Picture. Did people think that by giving it a bunch of smaller awards that would make up for losing out on the big prize?
Instead, The Lives of Others won, but that movie had met mixed reactions in the U.S., while Pan's Labyrinth had received some of the best reviews of the year. In fact, Pan's Labyrinth was my #2 pick of the year, and certainly better than all of the Best Picture nominations at this year's Oscars... even The Departed.
I am hugely disappointed in the Oscar voters...

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