Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Movie trailer review: Dead Silence Trailer

Dead Silence, the latest movie from master director James Wan (I say that with sarcasm), is a horror movie about dolls who kill people, or a ghost woman who kills people, etc. Wan is the director of the hugely popular Saw, though one of my biggest issues with that movie, aside from the acting, was the directing (and it's also the director's job to get good performances out of his actors).
The Dead Silence trailer is nothing to scream about, and it will be interesting to see how well this movie rides on the Saw name. I am a little skeptical, but then again, I never thought there would be a Saw franchise. The movie once again stars Donnie Wahlberg (Saw II) and some no-names as they stumble across a mystery that involves an evil woman who was murdered and who had her tongue cut out, and is mad enough as a ghost to cut out the tongues of people who get in her way.
The movie looks exactly like Darkness Falls, which was a horrible, horrible horror movie, as it has the exact same plot as dozens of other films. Even more so, the movie doesn't look like it will be the least bit scary, though I must admit dolls can be rather creepy.
I give the Dead Silence movie trailer a C-
Watch the Dead Silence movie trailer.

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