Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday Box Office Analysis - Good and bad

It is a weekend of cheers, and a weekend of shaking heads. On the positive side, American audiences finally figured out that Tyler Perry movies are God-awful pieces of crap as Daddy's Little Girls looks to make around $10.1 million dollars over the holiday weekend, according to Box Office Prophets.

Unfortunately, Ghost Rider made $15.8 million on Friday, which means it will make approximately $50 million over the four-day Presidents Day weekend. This movie looked like a loser from the first trailer, but American audiences went for the flaming skull anyway. Sad, sad, sad.

As for Breach, the best-reviewed film to open this week, it looks to make less than $10 million over the weekend. I wonder if there would have been a better weekend to release this film.

1 Ghost Rider

2 Bridge to Terebithia

3 Norbit

4 Music and Lyrics

5 Daddy's Little Girls

6 Breach

7 Because I Said So

8 Hannibal Rising

9 Night at the Museum

10 The Messengers

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