Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aaron Eckhart is Two Face

With The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, coming to theaters next year, the casting keeps rolling in. Heath Ledger is already the Joker, but Aaron Eckhart is in final negotiations to play Harvey Dent and Two Face. Two Face, as you might recall, is the ex-district attorney of Gotham who, after his face is scarred with acid (by the Joker?) , becomes a villain who does good or evil based on the flip of a coin.
Eckhart has been inconsistent over the years, but has shown signs of moving up in the world with projects like Thank You for Smoking. He could certainly play a good Two Face, and I'm looking forward to seeing Christopher Nolan's interpretation of the character. After Batman Forever massacred the character with cartoon delivery by Tommy Lee Jones and ridiculously cheesy makeup, Nolan's darker, more serious approach should finally do justice to the character.

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