Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Amazing Race Recap: Rob and Amber are amazing

Rob and Amber are quite impressive. They have the reality TV competition gig down pat. These two are hated by many, but you have to respect them. In fact, I like them. I want them to win. I wanted them to win last time. I even wanted Rob to win on Survivor.
Here is a couple who has finished first or second place in two big reality TV shows. Rob crafted his way to the final two on Survivor, carrying romantic interest Amber on his tailcoats. Due to his backstabbing, the other loser Survivors failed to realize how good he was, and gave Amber the $1 million. Of course, Rob was smart enough to see this coming, so he proposed to Amber before the winner was announced (it may also help that she's beautiful and seemingly a good soul mate for him).
Then, having already won $1,000,000, plus whatever Rob won for second place, the two finish second on Amazing Race, losing by a hair to much-less exciting Uchenna and Joyce. Now, the two teams are back fighting against one another, and Rob and Amber are once again leading the pack. They came in first in the first episode, and this leads me to my discussion for today, which is hardly a recap of Amazing Race at all...
Rob and Amber seize the fastest flight, but end up screwed when their flight is delayed. Already more than 15 minutes behind, it looks like no first place is in store for them this week. But the combination of a task right up Rob's alley (construction equipment) and tricky navigation of the roads led the love-to-hate couple to the finish line first once again.
Props to Rob and Amber, and may they go all the way!

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