Monday, May 14, 2007

Movie trailer review: Bratz: The Movie

I honestly feel dumber for watching the movie trailer for Bratz: The Movie, an adaptation of some lame-looking but supposedly popular cartoon about four high school girls. Who thought that making this into a movie would be a good idea is beyond me, as Bratz looks like any other cheesy teen flick, only stamped with a PG rating and some ludicrously over-the-top hijinks.

I'm not quite sure what the plot is, despite the trailer between two and a half minutes long. I think that these four new friends show up and some overly bossy cheerleader who "runs the school" expects them to join her clique... instead, the four girls split into four different cliques, but remain friends after a brief food fight. Suddenly, this domineering cheerleader sees that her perfect plan of organization and segregation is at risk since these four girls are all bringing their cliques together, and... somehow I'm guessing everyone is going to get along at the end.

Honestly, what a freaking waste of time.

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