Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel have nude sex scene

Wow, never expected to hear this. Jessica Biel and Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker will have a 10-minute, nude sex scene in their upcoming movie Powder Blue.

Variety reports the two have joined an ensemble drama about a mortician, an ex-con, a suicidal ex-priest and a stripper (Biel plays the ex-priest, Whitaker the stripper) who all are brought together on Christmas Eve for some reason or another. Powder Blue is to be written and directed by Timothy Linh Bui.

By the way, the part about the sex scene isn't true. Nor is Jessica Biel going to get naked. The rest of the story is true. Except the part about Whitaker playing a stripper. Basically, I just wanted to write about Jessica Biel so I could put a picture of her on the movie blog.

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