Monday, May 7, 2007

Four new movie reviews

I've posted four movie reviews on my movie website, and wanted to share them with you all:

Deliver Us From Evil, the Oscar-nominated documentary about pedophile priest Father Oliver O'Grady, who raped and abused children over several years and who was subsequently "punished" by simply getting relocated to new towns that didn't know any better. Way to go, Catholic Church!

Breaking and Entering, which has Jude Law cheating on Robin Wright Penn with Juliette Binoche, who he met after her son broke into his architecture firm repeatedly and he followed the kid home. Spooky!

Because I Said So, which stars Diane Keaton as a psychotic mother who drives daughter Mandy Moore nearly to insanity. The movie is a romantic comedy.

The Hitcher, a rather ridiculous slasher film with Sean Bean as the title character. Sophia Bush looks good, but can't make up for an idiotic character who does every stupid thing in the book.

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