Sunday, January 14, 2007

Reaction to 24: Season Premiere Part I

24 debuted tonight. While very, very good, it does not quite compare to the explosive nature of some of the previous season premieres, although there are several explosions to be found. The plot of the show is simple: an Islamic terrorist group had rooted itself in America and is performing suicide bombings around the country. Americans are feeling unsafe and going paranoid. The President is considering putting Muslim-Americans in concentration camps.
How much you want to bet that President Bush has had one or two conversations on the very topic?
Anyway, the first two hours are good, although I have to say the producers lost a perfect opportunity to take 24 overseas and out of Los Angeles for a season. While last season was probably the best, you can only conceivably do so much in LA. As of the end of last season, Jack had been captured and taken to China - why not spend a day in China with Jack trying to break out and uncovering some kind of political plot to overthrow the Chinese government?
Well, the producers didn't go that route, and two hours after Jack arrived in America with a beard, he has returned to normal form - clean shaven, perfect teeth (he couldn't shave but he could brush?) and extremely dangerous. For God's sake, he rips a man's artery out of his neck with his teeth!
24 looks to be as exciting as it was last year, as the show delves further into the Muslim theme it started last year. If most terrorists are Muslim and from the Middle East, is it right to give people who fit that bill harsher treatment, even if 99% of them are just as safe as any other American?
The previews for the second half of the season premiere also seem to imply something huge, and is that a rumbling that you hear in the background? A nuclear bomb going off perhaps? In a city this time? Tomorrow we shall see.

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