Sunday, January 14, 2007

Notes on a Scandal Movie Review, and the Seahawks

Today, January 14th, I wake up to surprising warmth in my apartment. The reasons are unclear, though one would suspect the heat has risen from our wonderful neighbors downstairs. Outside, the temperature is a timid 19 degrees, which is really damn cold for the Seattle area. We're used to 40 degrees and raining in January, not 20 degrees, snow and ice. That being said, I don't completely mind the weather. I worked from home Thursday and Friday and watched the entire season of Rome, one of HBO's latest series.
Anyway, I wake up expecting it to be cold, but the temperature is pretty bad. I hop out of bed naked (okay, not really, just wanted to plant that frightful image in your head), turn on the heat, and turn on the television in two rooms. After all, the Seahawks are about to kickoff for the NFC Divisional Game, and I can't possibly miss a minute.
I wake up the roommate and the game begins. Thankfully, the game is close and not the embarrassment that was the Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears earlier this year. Rex Grossman is unfortunately pretty good after a season of inconsistencies, but the Seahawks are matching him step for step. Near the end of the game, the Seahawks take the lead, but then the Bears tie it up with a field goal. We have a chance to get down the field in the last two minutes, but can't quite do it. Again, this happens in overtime and the Bears manage to kick the longest field goal of the year (a piddly 49-yarder) to win the game. The Seahawks defied expectations and nearly went to the NFC Championship two years in a row, but their inability to convert on 3-and-1 and 4-and-1, which has been a problem all year, stifled their chances.
The game ends, and my heart returns to normal speed. After a variety of calls from friends calling to console me, I head on out to the botanical garden for some winter wonderland fun, where I meet my parents' new greyhound and my dad proceeds to lose his car keys in the middle of a snowy field. We find the keys, end of story.
I then drive to Seattle, pick up two friends and we head to Pacific Place for some Notes on a Scandal action, with every intent of seeing some Judi Dench lesbian action (and hopefully nudity). Not really, but it'd still be better than Kathy Bates in About Schmidt.
The movie is decent, but not what I expected. Thankfully Dench is everything I wanted and more, minus the nudity. Read the Notes on a Scandal movie review here.
I then return home for some pasta made by my roommate - while he doesn't like them as much, I like them more than his other pasta concoctions. We watch some Simpsons, and I prepare for the season premiere of 24. And now we are all caught up, and I can end this dreadfully dull post...

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