Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Apprentice: Gay Bombshell

Donald Trump is gay! He announced it on The Apprentice LA. Okay, actually one of the gaty competitors of the show (and by gay I mean homosexual) completely throughout all his business intelligence for personal taste and got fired because of it. Carey, along with his team, was tasked with creating three women's bathing suits and three men's bathing suits. For the men's bathing suits, he "forced" his team to do three highly gay swimsuits that 99% of America wouldn't buy. They were tight, colorful, short and... tight!
Not that I have anything to hide (or not that I don't have too much to hide), but when I'm at the beach, I don't want my bulge to be sticking out. And I don't want shorts that are short enough where that bulge would be more than just sticking out. This is speaking from a heterosexual viewpoint, of course, but come on! Apprentice! Hello? You're not marketing to gay consumers - you're marketing to a select group of buyers who want to sell to the general population.
Sadly, Carey seemed like a smart player and it would have been nice to see him go a little farther. Unfortunately, he lost sight of the end goal and got way too excited about a fashion show. Sort of like how the runner-up last year lost the tailgate party task because he became consumed with throwing the best party rather than making the most money. And this swimsuit was just plain hideous.
And that's my rant about this week's Apprentice LA.

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