Saturday, November 18, 2006

TomKat: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get married

Wow. One of the best looking and yet grossest couples in history got married today in Rome. Good for them. Hopefully their kids will figure out that Scientology is for the looney bin and nothing more.

Despite all the crazy antics in the last year regarding Tom Cruise's fall from grace, I have to say I like the guy. Sure, he has some issues, but he's a good actor who people give a bad rap due to his success over the years as more of a pretty boy. He seems to get better with age, and Mission: Impossible 3 was the best of the three movies, and certainly one of the best action movies I've seen in years.

However, I was watching ET last night... what a stupid, stupid, stupid and pathetic show. Their episode was devoted to TomKat, and it essentially involved them following the couple around in their footsteps to figure out what kind of dinner they had the previous night, where they sat, who paid for it, etc. Who the hell cares? How is this of any value to anyone?

That being said, I can't completely blame them. There are a lot of people who actually like hearing about that stuff, even though it has no real effect on their lives whatsoever (and actually probably makes them dumber in the process). What a sad, sad world...

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