Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seahawks Chargers Showdown

Can you believe it? Seahawks had a four game lead with three games to go. Then they had a three game lead with three games to go. They are a half a game away from clinching a ride to the playoffs, but they cannot win. They have not looked sharp, they can't convert on third down, and Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck, the two men who were supposed to take the decent season from inconsistency to greatness (mainly thanks to an EXTREMELY easy schedule), have been completely flat.

Right now, the Seahawks suck, and they face the Chargers on Sunday. They are definitely the underdogs, but maybe that is exactly what they need. Either way, they are making me nervous - San Francisco is nothing to scream about either, but it could come down to the final game, and how pathetic would it be if the Seahawks failed to make it? Hush, Erik. We won't even discuss that.

By the way, I went to the Seahawks-Niners game. It was the most miserable sporting event of my life. It's not just that the game sucked, although had the Seahawks won everything would have just been fine and dandy. No, in the process of walking to the stadium, my friend Jessie and I got rained on so hard that we were soaked to the bone by the time we got to our covered seats. I had never been to a football game where I wanted to leave before it started, but we spent the whole time shivering. My feet were swimming in water. I was so cold I almost subscribed to the Seattle Times just to get a free blanket.

To make matters worse, it was windy. It was so windy that power was knocked out hours later at my house for nearly two days (four days at my parents' house). Back to the story, it was so windy that Jessie almost got decapitated by a ladder that came flying down from the catwalk on the roof of the stadium. Inches to losing her head. Or at least getting a bruise.

Seahawks suck, but I'm still confident (barely) they can make it to the playoffs. Then they might get killed, but oh well. And I was cold. It was windy. Trees fell down. I had no Internet. It was a bad couple of days.

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